Stick Em Up


Bismarck, Jan. 26.—George Cairns, freighter, working between Fort Clark and Center, was burned to death early yesterday morning in a fire that destroyed the livery stable at Fort Clark and burned seven horses. Sheriff Charles Herman, of Oliver county was in Bismark last evening en route home from the scene of the fire.

No one knows how the fire started, but it is believed that an overheated stove may have been the cause. When Cairns' body, burned beyond recognition, was discovered, it was upon a bed that had been drawn close to a stove. One theory is that because of the cold weather the freighter drew his bunk up to the stove and probably the bedclothes caught fire and Cairns was overcome before he could cry for assistance.

The barn was totally destroyed.

Valley City Times-Record, 2/3/1916

Bloody Mass

Posted 01/21/2014