Badly Squeezed.

Bismarck Tribune.

At 7:30 last evening while attempting to make a coupling, Charles Miner. a young brakeman, was seriously injured by the slipping of the bumpers which permitted the cars to go together with terrific force. Miner was caught and squeezed flat, and was held in his painful position until the slack of six cars permitted him to fall out. He fell across the rail and narrowly escaped having his limbs cut off. He was taken to the Lamborn hospital where Drs. Porter and Fraser attended him and made a careful examination of the injured parts. The exterior injuries were not serious, but it was discovered that one of his floating ribs had been broken and that he had sustained other internal injuries. Miner is about 26 years of age and his home is in Wisconsin.

Jamestown Weekly Alert, 7/14/1887

Pathetic Touch

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