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Williston, N. D., July 13.—John Rowland, a Mountrail county farmer, was found guilty of murder in the second degree by a jury in the district court here. The jury fixed the penalty at 30 years imprisonment in the state penitentiary. The verdict was returned after a deliberation of only two hours.

According to the case built up by the state and accepted by the jury, Rowland killed Harry Walcott, 20-year-old son of a neighboring farmer, as a result of bad blood which has existed between the families for some time. Young Walcott with a companion was passing the Rowland home with a load of hay when Rowland opened fire from his doorway with a rifle.

Mrs. John Rowland is also under arrest charged with being an accessory before and after the fact in the murder of young Talcott {sp}. The husband and wife demanded separate trials and the case against the woman was taken up in district court Monday.

Grand Forks Herald, 7/13/1916

Lawless and Disregardful

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