N Dakota Bachelors
Are In Real Demand

Letter Received From Young Lady of Kokomo, Indiana

States That There Ought to be a Number of Hoosier Girls Willing to Cook Meals and Darn Socks.

The following letter which has been going the rounds of the press of the state speaks for itself and eligible young men may avail themselves of this opportunity to secure for themselves a wife if they so desire.

Kokomo, Ind., Dec 7 1910
Dear Mr. Editor: This may seem to you to be a strange appeal, but we Hoosier girls are told that in the great northwest there are many bachelors who would not bachelors be, if they could find some girl to darn their sox, sew on buttons, cook their meals, and take a half interest in their joys and sorrows, and assist in making a happy home for them.

Now, we know of several splendid Hoosier girls who are accomplished in those lines, who would be willing to undertake that pleasant task for some tall, honest, and honorable bachelor of good habits and prospects if we could only find the bachelor.

Now the appeal is this: You in your position perhaps know of some lonesome souls of the above description who would like to write to we Hoosier girls and consult us about the subject, if so, will you kindly place this in their hands and he and we will arise and call thee blessed.


Lock Box 305. Kokomo, Ind.

Bismarck Daily Tribune, 1/12/1911

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