Kicked - Dies Later

Woman's Awful Suicide

Mrs. Moulton, the wife of farmer living near Hoople, Walsh county, committed suicide by shooting herself twice with a shot gun. Mr Moulton was working in the harvest field and Mrs. Moulton and her four children were at home. Some time about six o'clock she got up, went to the barn, and milked, brought the pail in and set it on the table. From all appearances the mania to take her life seems to have seized her then. She took the gun, put a cartridge in one barrel, placed it on her breast and managed with one hand to pull the trigger, by so doing she drew her right shoulder down so as to only inflict a wound on her breast and shatter her left arm above the elbow. In this condition she walked from one room through another and into a third to get another cartridge, returned, broke the gun, extracted the shell, reloaded, placed the gun squarely against her breast and fired the second shot pulling the trigger with her toe, being barefooted. There were traces of blood to prove that she walked as stated alone after firing the first shot. The first should would have been fatal without prompt attention, the second entered her heart, liver, and lungs and death was instantaneous.

Bismark Daily Tribune, 8/19/1903

Foul Play

Posted 06/20/2013