Mrs. Frances Brown, of Leonard, Loses Life when Carriage is Run Down by Machine.

Fargo.—Mrs. Frances Brown was killed when an automobile driven by Richard Greuel ran into a carriage in which she was riding.

There were two carriages going along the road and when the auto approached one of the teams took fright and started to run. Mr. Greuel, who was driving the car at the time did not notice the other rig and it being the first time that he had ever driven an automobile, probably became excited, and ran into the other carriage which contained Mr. and Mrs. Brown and some other people. The force of the impact knocked the rear seat off of the carriage and injured Mrs. Brown to such an extent that she lived only a short time.

The automobile was owned by A. F. Nesemeier of Leonard, who with his son, A. F. Nesemeier, Jr., were in the car at the time.

An inquest was held in which the jury found the owner and the driver of the automobile to have been grossly careless in causing the death of Mrs. Brown, but that they had no criminal intent.

Sioux County Pioneer, 7/23/1915

Ed.: Mrs. Brown is one of my ancestors; although I do not own a photo of her, these are her parents.

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