Narrow Escape


When George Miller complained to the police Thursday night that William and George Broderick were drunk and disorderly, little did he think that he himself would be in the hands of the law as a result of the complaint.

When arrested the Broderick brothers were searched and their valuables taken. Although both men were badly under the influence of liquor they said that they should have had $58.00 more than they did and charged Miller with taking the money. At the time, it was thought that the men were trying to get revenge on Miller.

Yesterday morning when Miller was taken to court to testify against the Brodericks, he was put through the third degree by Chief of Police Fortune and practically confessed to taking the money. In his confession he implicated Clyde Towns. The police started after Towns, but found that he had left the city for the West. Warrants were issued and the police in several cities notified.

The hearings of both the Broderick brothers and Miller were continued until word is heard from Towns.

Bismarck Tribune, 10/4/1913

Pinned Down

Posted 11/13/2014