Badly Crushed

Suicide on the Soo.

An unknown male passenger on Soo train 108 committed suicide by shooting himself through the head just before the train reached Valley City on Thursday of last week. He stood on the coach steps and evidently planned to fall forward after the fatal shot was fired, but a lurch of the train threw him back on the steps and he died a few moments later. From papers on the body it was at first supposed the unfortunate was Fred Stiggle of Considine, N.D., but it developed later that Stiggle was at his home alive and well.

The man was ticketed from some point in Canada but so far all efforts to establish his identity have been unavailing. The authorities have had the body embalmed and it will be kept for two weeks if necessary to secure identification.

Hankinson News, 8/16/1906

Wind Well

Posted 12/11/2014