Apples In Her Apron

A Strange Story.

Devils Lake Inter Ocean: A strange story comes to the Inter Ocean from a recently organized county west of here. It is alleged that the sheriff of the county and a son of one of the county commissioners, concocted a scheme to kill the young wife of the commissioner, the commissioner himself being away from home. The object of the two men, it is claimed, was to put the woman out of the way because she knew of certain crooked transactions in which they were engaged. The woman is the wife of the commissioner, the son being a fruit of the first marriage. The woman tells the story herself as follows: She claims that she overheard the sheriff and her step son planning to assassinate her, and when she heard them coming to her room she fled to the house of a neighbor, leaving her five-months old babe behind. Arriving at her neighbor's house she related her strange experience and explained, as a reson for the conduct of the two men, and that they had stolen and killed a calf. Another strange feature of the proceeding is that she also charged her husband with participation in the calf killing, and in proof of her story she told where the hide of the calf was buried. The next day her neighbors went to the spot indicated by her and there sure enough found the hide. While the excitement was at its height the commissioner returned home, and ascertaining the extent of the social explosion, it is said he at once resigned his position as a commissioner, and, together with his son and the sheriff, quit the country. The woman claims that the sheriff and her step-son had prepared a grave in the stable in which they proposed to bury her. The story has some remarkable features and the names of he parties are withheld until more light upon the subject can be obtained.

Mrs. H. has since suicided. ED.

Wahpeton Times, 12/25/1884

Coat In Hock

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