Hugh, the six-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Jake Gard, came within an ace of losing his life on Monday afternoon when he and another kid, thinking to have a little fun and not realizing their danger, lighted several matches and dropped them down the mount of a large gasoline tank brought to town a short time before by Jack Emerson and left at the rear of T. O. Hunter's store to be refilled. Luckily there was no gasoline in the tank, but the gas that had accumulated in the tank at once caused an explosion when brought in contact with the lighted match, throwing young Gard from the wagon to the ground, on which he struck on his face in such a manner as to burst a blood vessel high up on his cheek, but not injuring him at all permanently. His face bled freely and from his shrieks heard for several blocks around many were led to the belief that he had received serious injury. He was taken into the Krueger drug store, where the flow of blood was soon stopped and the kid was sent home somewhat wiser than before he monkeyed with the gasoline tank. The sound of the explosion was heard all over town and resulted in tearing the bottom out of the tank.

Bowbells Tribune, 10/21/1910


Posted 10/13/2017