Wire Fence


A one legged stranger who no doubt was full of dope, entered the big white house near the G. N. depot, unoccupied, and owned by N. J. Coddington, and proceeded to make night hideous for those in that neighborhood by breaking out the window lights with his crutch. Judge Murray was notified and securing Deputy Sheriff Dan Dougherty, went at once to the house, arriving in time to see the fellow knock out the twenty-sixth and last window pane. The fellow then barred the doors and hid in a closet. Murray entered the dark room, and with difficulty opened the closet door. The fellow struck at him with a crutch but missed. Murray, who was unarmed, aimed as tho {sp} he had a gun in his hand and told the fellow to step out or he'd kill him. Murray held a big rock in his hand. The fellow came out, and stood against the outer door. The Judge saw the fellow, who was very powerful was about to attack him and threw the rock close to him. As he opened the door, Dougherty grabbed him and they placed the fiend in the auto. Believing there were others in the house Murray went back to search, and the fellow broke loose from the auto and went across the street with his one leg faster than an ordinary man could have with two. He hid in another house. It took five men to over power him when he was landed in jail.

Ward County Independent, 6/8/1911

Glass Negative

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